PYRO-CHEM ATTENDANT II Gas Station Fire Suppression Systems

Monroe Extinguisher are experts at preventing and putting out fires. We provide a variety of FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEMS including the Gas Station Fire Protection system. Monroe Extinguisher are experts at preventing and putting out fires. We provide a variety of FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEMS including the suppression of fires in kitchens, food trucks, mobile kitchens, gas stations, vehicles, and industrial facilities with clean agent suppression and carbon dioxide suppression. Learn more about Monroe’s fire suppression systems using these links or on this page.


The PYRO-CHEM ATTENDANT™ II Gas Station Fire Protection

1 THE “original” PYRO-CHEM ATTENDANT gasoline station fire suppression system continues to offer premium grade protection:

  • Factory pressurized DOT rated cylinders available in 35 and 75 lb. capacities
  • BC rated dry chemical agent
  • Nozzle heights ranging from 7 to 11 ft.
  • Agent tanks are mounted under the canopy
  • Suitable for installations where the canopy does not cover the parking area
  • –40o F to +120o F operating range
  • UL listed
  • Tested at 10 mph wind conditions


The PYRO-CHEM ATTENDANT™ II Fire Suppression System

The PYRO-CHEM ATTENDANT II gasoline station system is on duty 24/7 to help protect your customers and your investment. And you can rest easier knowing your PYRO-CHEM ATTENDANT II system was manufactured by a company that’s been in business since 1920. Designed to meet the requirements of today’s convenience centers, the PYRO-CHEM ATTENDANT II system protects higher canopies and a greater number of pumping islands. In short, it offers the most up-to-date fire protection available. Together, the PYRO-CHEM ATTENDANT and PYRO-CHEM ATTENDANT II systems offer the flexibility to effectively protect virtually any gas station configuration.
Sparking Your Interest in Gasoline Station Fire Protection.
Modern automobile fueling areas are designed with high-speed self-service pumps, enabling customers to fuel their vehicles faster than ever before. However, the same modern equipment that makes fueling quick and easy also makes the fueling area more susceptible to fire.
Accidents do happen. Customers might drive away without returning the nozzle to the dispenser or use the dispensing equipment incorrectly resulting in a fuel spill. Modern high volume pumps can discharge a large quantity of flammable liquid onto the fueling area very quickly. Burning cigarettes, running engines, sparks and other heat sources could ignite flammable liquids or vapors in the fueling area.

Even in Windy Conditions, the PYRO-CHEM ATTENDANT™ II System is Designed to Reach the Fire Source. Outdoor fire suppression systems face a unique problem – overcoming the effects of windy conditions.

Wind increases the intensity of a fire by feeding it oxygen. It also affects the firefighting agent discharge. Since National Weather Bureau statistics indicate that the average outdoor wind condition is nearly 10 miles per hour, wind is definitely a factor to consider when installing any outdoor fire suppression system. The PYRO-CHEM ATTENDANT II system has been specifically designed and tested for windy conditions.




Invisible to Your Customers

The PYRO-CHEM ATTENDANT II canopy gasoline station system is designed with function and form in mind. Cylinders are installed on top of the canopy to create a clean, finished look in the customer area. Flexible nozzle heights ranging from 7 feet to 15 feet 7 inches allow for versatility when customizing the system for your specific need.
Providing Fuel Without the Fire.
The PYRO-CHEM ATTENDANT II canopy gasoline station system was designed specifically for the unique hazards found at an outdoor fueling area. The PYRO-CHEM ATTENDANT II system quickly suppresses the fire providing optional fuel shut-off capabilities. A select network of authorized PYRO-CHEM distributors is trained in the design, installation and maintenance of the PYRO-CHEM ATTENDANT II system. Components used in the system have been designed for reliability, durability and performance.

The PYRO-CHEM ATTENDANT™ II System Features Are Miles Ahead of the Competition

  • Suppresses combustible and flammable liquid fires.
  • Safe to use on fires involving energized electrical equipment.
  • Automatic detection and control provides 24-hour protection.
  • Designed and tested for outdoor conditions.
  • A dedicated manual actuation system allows immediate actuation at the first sign of fire. Provides a separate backup to the automatic detection.
  • Factory pressurized and 100% tested DOT cylinders (35 and 80 lb.).
  • A pressure gauge on the agent cylinder allows visual inspection of system status.
  • A solenoid monitor ensures the integrity of the automatic detection circuit.
  • Factory assembled and tested components ensure system reliability.
  • A variety of piping configurations allow for many fueling area layouts.
  • A dual port valve used on the ATD-80BC cylinder speeds up installation.
  • –20o F to +120o F operating range.
  • Nozzle caps help prevent contamination that can inhibit proper discharge of extinguishing agent.
  • Electrical capabilities allow for pump shut-off and audio/visual alarm.
  • All gasoline station island/dispenser configurations can be accommodated.
  • Tested at 10 mph wind conditions.

Approvals and Standards

  • UL 1254: Standard for Pre-Engineered Dry Chemical Extinguishing System Units
  • NFPA 17: Standard for Dry Chemical Extinguishing Systems
  • NFPA 30: Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code
  • MEA: City of New York Material and Equipment Acceptance Division