What Extinguisher is Right for You?

Offering a comprehensive line of fire extinguishers and fire protection equipment at affordable prices.

Monroe Extinguisher wants you to be aware.  Fire can happen anywhere.

Monroe Extinguisher is here to help; we are the clean agent fire suppression specialists. Do you have an IT server room, a storage area with sensitive documents or any other items that would be damaged by a wet or dry chemical fire suppression system?

About Monroe Extinguisher

Monroe Extinguisher celebrated its 50-year anniversary of being owned and operated!

With approximately 30 service vehicles and numerous service providers throughout the state, we are proud of how far we have come.

As we grow, our intention is to provide cleaner products that are less harmful to the environment. Clean agent fire suppression is a lucrative industry that we intend to be at the forefront of.

We have already expanded our physical location to encompass over 8000 more square feet, spurring our production and contributing to advanced efficiency and production capacity. We are constantly working to set new industry standards and provide high-quality solutions for today’s fire safety concerns.

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