Emergency Lights

As a leading provider in the fire safety industry, we take pride in offering a wide array of top-quality emergency lights designed to illuminate and guide you to safety during critical situations. With our commitment to ensuring the highest level of protection, our products are specifically crafted to meet rigorous safety standards, ensuring reliability and efficiency when it matters most.

Brooks Low-Profile Emergency Lights

Brooks’ Low-Profile Emergency Lights feature a low-profile design in a flame-retardant, high-impact thermoplastic housing. Universal mounting, push-to-test switch, solid-state charger, low-voltage disconnect, and power-on LED indicator light standard.

Brooks Emergency Lights

Brooks’ Emergency Lights feature a flame-retardant, high-impact thermoplastic housing with fully adjustable, glare-free dual lighting heads.


MilleNnium Emergency Lights

The CEW11 Emergency Light is completely self-contained with a low-profile design in a white finish. Features include a push-to-test switch, solid-state charger, low-voltage disconnect, and an automatic low-voltage disconnect.

Emergency Lights/Exit Signs

Brooks’ Combination Units meet both exit and emergency lighting needs in one economical unit. The low-profile design comes in a neutral finish, assembled in an injection molded, flame-retardant high-impact thermoplastic housing.