Extinguisher Inspection

Fire safety is always our top concern. Monroe Extinguisher provides comprehensive fire extinguisher inspection services to ensure your equipment is always in compliance with local jurisdiction and properly functioning.

We serve commercial and industrial customers, and are equipped to provide fire extinguisher inspections on the following types of extinguishers:

  • ABC Dry Chemical
  • BC Dry Chemical
  • D Dry Chemical
  • Purple K Dry Chemical
  • Plus Fifty Dry Chemical
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Halon
  • FE-36
  • Halotron
  • Water Mist
  • Water
  • Foam
Our extinguisher service teams can service and inspect any brand of fire extinguisher. We are also specially licensed to provide fire extinguisher inspections for the City of Rochester, New York and adhere to all national service and inspection guidelines. Monroe Extinguisher is also a distributor of Buckeye and Ansul fire extinguisher equipment.

Our Fire Extinguisher Inspection Process

Monroe Extinguisher provides a 13 point inspection of your fire extinguisher to ensure it will work in the event of an actual fire emergency.

Our 13 point inspection process includes the following steps:

  1. Clean Extinguisher
  2. Visual Examination
  3. Check Pressure Gauge
  4. Locate Most Recent Test/ Maintenance Date
  5. Weigh Extinguisher
  6. Remove Discharge Hose
  7. Remove Locking Pin
  8. Check Handle/ Lever
  9. Invert/Loosen Agent
  10. Return Extinguisher to Proper Location
  11. Check Mounting
  12. Check Hazard Application
  13. Attach Service Tag
This 13 point inspection is required for any/all fire extinguishers located in a non-residential building per code. Additionally, per code, all commercial and industrial fire extinguishers are inspected once per year.