About Us

Mission Statement

To be the leading high-quality provider of fire protection systems, equipment, and service, and custom fabricated stainless steel equipment in the North Eastern United States.

For our customers

We are committed to always meeting or exceeding expectations for quality, service, and delivery.

For our employees

We are dedicated to growing the company to provide job security and reward based on performance.

Our Services

We provide the following services for commercial businesses:

Fire Systems

Extinguisher Training

Extinguisher Inspection

Extinguisher Recharging

Our Certifications

Certified in design and installation of many types of fire suppression systems including but not limited to Ansul, Kidde, Pyro Chem, IEP\Fenwal, Pemall, and Buckeye. Servesafe certified, NSF certified, licensed in almost all jurisdictions in Western and Central NY.

Our Leadership

Joe Salemme

Joe Salemme has an NSF Certification and Electronics Certification from his 29 years working at Kodak/Carestream. He graduated from West Irondequoit High School, and has worked at Monroe Kitchen Equipment as the General Manager and now partner for 4 years.

Joe is married with two kids – a son and a daughter.

Anthony Salemme

Anthony Salemme graduated from West Irondequoit High School and then furthered his education at Monroe Community College and completed his studies with an Associates Degree in liberal arts. Anthony has worked many different jobs over the years, but he has been most successful in the sales arena. He has worked at Monroe Corporation for 23 years, starting as a salesman, and quasi-manager of Monroe Kitchen Equipment. Anthony has risen through the ranks at Monroe from salesman to sales manager and now CEO/partner. He is married with a young son.

Michelle Gallaher

Michelle Gallaher moved to Rochester 22 years ago and started at Monroe Extinguisher Company in the accounting department. She quickly established herself as the go-to person in the accounting department for both companies and continued to advance within the organization. Michelle maintained the position of controller for over ten years and is now partner and Vice President. While not at work, Michelle enjoys horseback riding and hanging out with her two rescue pitties.

Adam Curtin

Adam Curtin attended high school at Aquinas Institute and graduated in 2001. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Alfred University. Adam worked in the Monroe Extinguishers shop every summer since he was a teenager. After he graduated college, he began working at Monroe full-time in 2005. Adam has been the purchasing and inventory manager at Monroe since 2006, while also working on Monroe’s social media campaign and e-commerce websites. Taking over the business from his father, Adam became President in 2022. Adam enjoys local sports teams, especially the Buffalo Bills. He plays fantasy football and attempts to play golf, albeit poorly. Adam and his fiancé have a young son.

Our History


Monroe Extinguisher Company, Inc is incorporated by John B. Agness.


Monroe earned its Factory Mutual Approval on its recharge facility, becoming one of two companies in New York State to hold this approval.


Thomas J. Curtin, an employee since 1972, takes over the company.

Late 70’s

The company expands throughout Western New York, servicing hand portables, pre-engineered fire systems, and Halon-engineered extinguishing systems.


Monroe begins to install Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems to meet the needs of NFPA 96 regulations.


Monroe Extinguisher purchased Master Kitchen Equipment and changed its name to Monroe Kitchen Equipment.

Late 80’s

Integrated CAD drawing capabilities for kitchen equipment and engineered fire suppression systems groups.

Early 1990’s

The company chose FM-200 as the clean agent replacement for the Halon Systems market, and from Dupont, chose FE-36 for the halon 1211 portable market.


Monroe Extinguisher moves to a new facility, joining the Kitchen and Extinguisher companies under one roof. This 24,000 square foot, Factory Mutual Approved facility is equipped with all new Galiso, state-of-the-art Hydrostatic Testing equipment and allowed both companies ample room for future growth and synergy.

Late 90’s

The Ansul K-Guard fire extinguisher was the first developed for “K” class fire.


Updated our website and added e-commerce, one of the first companies in our industry in this region to do so.


Purchased facility at 107 Dodge Street. Created a show room and sales office.


Tom Curtin retired. Adam Curtin, Anthony Salemme, Joe Salemme and Michelle Gallaher become Co-Owners.


Monroe Extinguisher Company is the leading distributor of fire safety equipment in Western New York.

Where We Are Now

Monroe Extinguisher celebrated its 50-year anniversary of being locally owned and operated!

With approximately 30 service vehicles and numerous service providers throughout the state, we are proud of how far we have come.

Monroe Extinguisher is now looking to the future, with intentions to grow and expand. As we grow, our intention is to provide cleaner products that are less harmful to the environment. Clean agent fire suppression is a lucrative industry that we intend to be at the forefront of.

We have already expanded our physical location to encompass over 8000 more square feet, spurring our production and contributing to advanced efficiency and production capacity. At Monroe Extinguisher, we are constantly working to set new industry standards and provide high-quality solutions for today’s fire safety concerns.