Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers

Protect Sensitive and Valuable Assets

Do you have an IT server room, a storage area with sensitive documents, or any other items that would be damaged by a wet or dry chemical fire suppression system? Monroe Extinguisher is here to help. We offer Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems as well as hand-held clean agent fire extinguishers that can put out small fires fast, without leaving harmful residue behind. Clean agent fire suppression systems and extinguishers use gasses that are safe for both humans and the environment. The systems are ideal for all occupied spaces that hold sensitive content or valuables (like museums, libraries, data storage centers, and so on).

How Do They Work?

A clean agent is any type of fire extinguishing agent that is electrically non-conductive, volatile, or gaseous, and that does not leave a residue upon evaporation. Clean agent fire suppression systems make use of an inert gas or chemical that is stored in a container and discharged when a fire is detected. The Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems offered by Monroe Extinguishers use HFC-236fa, a colorless, odorless, electrically non-conductive ‘‘clean’’ agent which discharges as a liquid and flashes to a gas, providing an effective firefighting range.

These systems use noble gases (helium, neon, argon, nitrogen, and small amounts of carbon dioxide) to reduce the amount of oxygen available in the air for combustion and to absorb some of the heat. Fires are sustained by the combination of oxygen, heat and fuel. Once oxygen or heat has been removed from the chemical reaction, the fire is suppressed. Previous Clean Agent Systems used halocarbon agents or pure carbon dioxide to achieve this extinguishing effect, but are no longer in use because of their negative impacts on human health and the environment.


What Types of Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems Does Monroe Offer?

Monroe Extinguisher installs and services almost all brands of clean agent systems including Ansul, Kidde, Janus, and more utilizing the best clean agent gasses available in the marketplace such as Novec1230, FM200, and Inergen. We also offer Carbon Dioxide Suppression Systems for Machinery or Non-Occupied spaces.


What types of Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers Does Monroe Offer?

Monroe Extinguisher can offer almost every type of clean agent fire extinguisher in the marketplace including; Cleanguard FE36, Halotron, Water Mist, and CO2 for non-sensitive equipment.

What Are the Benefits?

Fast Acting — Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems work in seconds and are extremely effective in extinguishing Class A, B, and C fires before they grow larger, meaning any fire damage left behind should be contained to a small area.

No Residual Damage — While traditional sprinkler systems are extremely efficient fire suppression systems, they require extensive clean-up and can cause irreversible damage to electronics or other valuable assets. Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems do not use water or powders, so after your fire is extinguished, clean-up is minimal, meaning you can get your business back up and running faster.

Safe For You and the Planet — Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems are extremely low in toxicity and non-corrosive, so they are safe to be used in occupied environments. They are also environmentally friendly and have little to no ozone depletion potential.


At Monroe Extinguisher, we are the Clean Agent Fire Suppression specialists. We offer a line of Clean Agent Systems that can address a variety of needs in different industries. Call us today to find out if a Clean Agent Fire Suppression System is right for you.

Ansul Sentry CLEANGUARD+ Data/Spec Sheet