Heavy Duty Small Fire Extinguisher Cover


Tested to last up to a minimum of five years outdoors under normal conditions. Works well with short 10 lb. dry chemical and short 9 and 13 lb. clean agent when the gauge may be covered. May also be used with 5 and 6 lb. extinguishers.

Small Heavy Duty Fire Extinguisher Cover

Model: Brooks FEC7

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HEAVY-DUTY FIRE EXTINGUISHER COVERS are made of acrylic coated polyester with hook-and-loop closures for the harshest conditions. (Based on test results, covers have a minimum five-year lifespan outdoors under normal conditions.) Covers fit portable, pressurized, and cartridge-operated extinguishers. Red.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 11.50 × 20 in
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