Ansul Vehicle Bracket for 10 lb. ABC Fire Extinguisher


  • Bracket is sold in pairs, can only be ordered in even numbers
  • Easily mounts to a vehicle or provides a more sturdy option for your home/business
  • Manufactured by Ansul

Model: Ansul 435793

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  • Make certain mounting location and position meet NFPA-10 requirements.
  • Brackets may be mounted in a vertical, horizontal or sloping position on sufficiently strong, stationary supporting surfaces or within suitable vehicle compartments.
  • The brackets are provided with mounting holes in the back plate (frame) and /or mounting holes in the base. The mounting surface will usually dictate that either the back or the base of the bracket be used but in some cases, both may be used to improve the weight distribution. Use good quality fasteners, one in each mounting hole. Fasteners should be tightened as recommended for the specific type and grade of fastener used.  Even though welding is an effective method of securing the bracket in place, it is NOT recommended because ANSUL® has no control over the placement and quality of the welds.

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Weight 5 lbs
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