Pemall Watchman 14 Gas Station Fire Suppression Systems

Gas Station Fire Suppression System

You know the hazard. You know gasoline is highly combustible. Yet self serve customers are in a hurry. Sometimes they can be careless with a cigarette. Sometimes they forget to take the fuel hose out of their tank.

To protect you, to protect your business investment, and to provide protection for your customers; We’ve listened to your customers, we’ve listened to the fire marshals, we’ve listened to the installation experts, and have designed the Watchman 14. PemAll has been in business for over 50 years, and has spent 20 years perfecting the Watchman system.

The Look

Cylinders and nozzles out in plain view are unacceptable to the oil companies, architects, and end users. The Watchman 14 was tested and approved by UL 1254 for installations up to 14 feet, the height of a standard gas station canopy. This allows the cylinder and piping to be installed out of sight.

The Watchman 14 cylinders are mounted on columns, or on top of the canopy. Piping is also above the canopy with nozzles and detectors mounted on the underside of the canopy.


PemAll is proud to be UL Approved, and we are proud to have passed UL 1354 wind testing requirements, using national wind average of 10 miles per hour.

All of Watchman 14 testing was performed under these conditions and at a height of 7 to 14 feet.

Easy Installation

Ease in installation has always been one of our goals. We found that the classic “H” pattern installation is the easiest and most economical.

One “H” pattern will cover 8 feet x 13 feet pattern blocks. (One 35 pound cylinder will cover one “H” pattern. One 75 pound cylinder covers two “H” patterns.)

Watchman 14 can be configured to fit your installation needs.


System Actuation

The following methods operate the system:

  • Automatic Electric Thermostat
  • Manual Electric Pull Station
  • Manual Mechanical Lever Operation

Pressure from pneumatic release is discharged through tubing, which is attached to each dry chemical cylinder. This provides for simultaneous discharge of all cylinders.