New Ansul Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers Available Through Monroe Extinguisher

by | Mar 27, 2024 | Ansul, Clean Agent, Clean Agent Extinguishers, CLEANGUARD+

Updated Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers 

October 2023 – Ansul has updated their CLEANGUARD+ line of clean agent fire extinguishers to be more environmentally friendly and available at a lower cost.

Monroe Extinguisher is happy to provide customers with safe and cost-effective clean agent fire extinguisher options. Monroe Extinguisher offers a variety of Ansul CLEANGUARD+ extinguishers now specially designed with a new clean agent formula, FK-5-1-12, which is not harmful to people or the environment and leaves no residue.

Several types of clean agents have previously been banned due to environmental and health concerns, which caused the cost of clean agent fire extinguishers to skyrocket in the market, leaving customers with few options. With Ansul’s improved clean agent extinguisher formula, Monroe Extinguisher can continue to provide customers with fire extinguishers for every application.

Monroe Extinguisher Sells Clean Agent Extinguishers at Reduced Cost

Monroe Extinguisher is committed to offering the correct fire extinguisher to meet customers’ needs. For this reason, Monroe Extinguisher is offering Ansul clean agent CLEANGUARD+ fire extinguishers at an industry-low price. Monroe Extinguisher is dedicated to keeping its customers and their sensitive property protected from fire, while also maintaining the safety of the surrounding environment.

Ansul CLEANGUARD+ fire extinguishers are specifically designed for light and common fire hazards. They are designed to be compact and portable and are ideal for a variety of applications including:

  • Storage areas with sensitive documents
  • Religious buildings with sensitive documents and artifacts
  • Data/IT storage and telecommunication centers
  • Museums
  • Laboratories

The addition of the FK-5-1-12 clean agent formula makes these extinguishers ideal for sensitive and essential locations because FK-5-1-12 is colorless, odorless, residue-free, environmentally friendly, and electrically non-conductive. Once the clean agent is released from the extinguisher, it transforms from a liquid to a gas state, providing an increased reach range to eliminate fire and any potential spread quickly.

Monroe Extinguisher Has Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers

Looking for clean agent fire extinguishers at a great price? Check out our CLEANGUARD+ products page to buy now!