Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspections

by | Aug 25, 2023 | Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Did You Know That Fire Extinguishers Require A Monthly Inspection?

A monthly inspection ensures that a fire extinguisher is in its designated location and ready to go in the event of a fire. Anyone with minimum knowledge of fire extinguishers can perform the inspection; you do not need to be a certified technician.

Monthly Inspections

When performing a monthly inspection you should follow the Procedures outlined in NFPA-10 7.2.2:

  1. Ensure the extinguishers are in their designated place.
    • Extinguishers should be mounted to the wall, a column or in a
  2. Ensure that extinguishers are properly signed.
    • Look for signature
  3. Ensure that extinguishers are not blocked or obstructed.
    • There should always be a clear path to the extinguisher
  4. Check the gauge to ensure that it is in the green.
    • Call Monroe Extinguisher to recharge if it is in the red!
  5. Lift the extinguisher to determine that it is still full.

Once the extinguisher has been checked, document the inspection on the back of the annual inspection tag with the inspector’s initials and the results of the inspection. If any deficiencies are found, fix them as soon as possible or call Monroe Extinguisher to assist.

Monthly Inspections With Monroe Extinguisher

Monroe Extinguisher offers a service where we can automatically come out to your location and perform this monthly inspection without a call from the customer. This service provides peace of mind to the customer while removing a task from the safety maintenance employee.