Kidde FM 200 Fire Suppression Systems

“Clean, People-Safe Fire Protection for Vital Facilities”

When You Can’t Afford a Fire-Related Business Interruption

Imagine what a fire – even a small one – could do to your business. In a matter of minutes, an unchecked fire can grow in size and intensity until it threatens your business continuity, your facility and most important, the safety of your people.

Consider The Risks of Fire

Time Lost

If uptime is critical to your productivity and profitability and you can’t tolerate any delays due to fire, then your operation requires fast-acting Kidde FM-200 systems that detect and suppress fire in seconds, before the fire has a chance to interrupt your business.

Equipment Damaged

If your facility contains expensive or hard-to-replace equipment and processes that are vital to your company, then they need to be protected by Kidde FM-200 clean agent systems that suppress all types of fire without leaving residue behind to clean up.

Irreplaceable Items Destroyed

If you’re protecting valuable resources – people, software, proprietary processes, one-of-a-kind objects – you need Kidde FM-200 protection that won’t pose a threat to people or damage even the most sensitive materials.

Kidde FM-200 Fire Suppression Systems

Active on fire, inert on people

Kidde FM-200 Systems provide protection for facilities containing valuable corporate assets – from people and processes to equipment and software. They combine the benefits of clean agent systems and active fire protection with people-safe, environmentally-friendly performance.

The Right Clean Agent

  • Clean: FM-200 discharges as a gas, reaching into all areas of the protected facility and leaving no residue to damage sensitive equipment or require costly cleanup. This enables you to get back to normal business operation faster after a fire.
  • Safe for People: FM-200, the world’s leading clean agent, is non-toxic when used in accordance with NFPA Standard 2001. The most viable alternative to Halon 1301, FM-200 causes no breathing problems for people and won’t obscure vision in an emergency situation.
  • Environmentally Friendly: FM-200, the most versatile and tested clean agent on the market, has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP), a low atmospheric lifetime (31-42 years) and is listed by the Environmental Protection Agency with no usage restrictions.

The Right Fire Suppression System

  • Fast: Kidde FM-200 Systems are designed to fully discharge their clean fire suppression agent into a protected area within 10 seconds after receiving an actuation signal. This rapid action catches a fire in its incipient stages before it has an opportunity to grow or cause significant damage.
  • Active Fire Suppression: A Kidde FM-200 System suppresses fire by “flooding” the protected area with a 7% concentration of FM-200. Instead of inerting the entire area, FM-200 actively attacks the fire itself, soaking up heat like a sponge soaks up liquid and breaking down the fire’s molecular structure.

The Right Fire Protection Company

Integrated Systems Approach: Kidde offers you a complete fire protection system – from state-of-the-art detection and control to proven suppression technology – that is designed, manufactured, installed and serviced by one company, Kidde Fire Systems, for the ultimate in fire protection reliability.

System Components

  • Kidde Detectors – strategically placed in the protected area to sense fires.
  • Kidde Control Unit – mounted on an outer wall to receive signal from detectors, shut down ventilation systems and equipment, sound alarms and initiate the discharge of FM-200.
  • Kidde Agent Storage Containers, Piping and Nozzles – computer-designed layout of delivery system necessary to achieve a 7% concentration of FM-200 in the protected area within 10 seconds.

The Engineering Specification

The agent distribution nozzles should be 360 degree or 180 degree discharge pattern type custom designed for the system by Kidde. All FM-200 cylinder accessories such as pressure switches, cylinder mounting equipment, low pressure supervisory switches and multiple actuation equipment shall be Kidde equipment. The corresponding control/releasing equipment should consist of a Kidde type control or suppression release panel.

All Kidde FM-200 Fire Suppression Systems shall be designed, installed and maintained by a certified, factory trained, Kidde FM-200 system distributor.

Our Quality is Certified

Kidde FM-200 Fire Suppression Systems are made in American in accordance with ISO 9001 certified quality standards and installed and serviced by Kidde Distributors worldwide. When you’ve specified “Kidde,” you’ve chosen the world’s most respected name in fire protection.