FAQs / What is the annual maintenance procedure for a fire extinguisher?

  • Locate the fire extinguisher: check for access to, visibility, and locator sign. The extinguisher shall not be obstructed. Examine the bracket stability, extinguisher height and that the proper unit is located for the hazard area.
  • Remove the fire extinguisher from the bracket: check hydrostatic test date, six year maintenance date (dry chemical) and general condition of the cylinder and band. The operating instructions on the extinguisher name plate shall be legible and face outwards.
  • Weigh the cylinder, check the gauge, remove the safety pin and tamper seal. Inspect handles for proper operation. Reinsert the safety pin with a new seal.
  • Remove hose, horn or nozzle. Check for obstructions, wear and proper operation. Reassemble all equipment.
  • A conductivity test shall be conducted on all carbon dioxide hose assemblies. Hose assemblies found to be nonconductive shall be replaced.
  • Thoroughly clean all equipment, replace worn labels and attach new annual NFPA-10 inspection tag.
  • Reinstall unit on bracket back to service.
  • When an inspection reveals that tampering has occurred or the unit is due for extended maintenance, the unit must be taken out of service. A spare fire extinguisher suitable for the hazard being protected of equal or greater rating shall be left.

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